Healthy Family - Healthy Society

Having Healthy Relationship Along With Cognition and Awareness Through The Family, Has an Important Role In Forming Healthy Family and Society.
MAM(Modern Attitude Mothers Institute) is endeavoring to make a better society for now and future by preparing the family members for a healthy and productive relationship among themselves.

The Main Topics of MAMS Activities

-Developing of peace and better understanding of each other in the family.
-Developing of book - reading in the family.
-Developing of appropriate games in the family
-Developing of taking care to enviromental issues in the family.
-Developing of health and wellbeing in the family.

Some volunteer groups participating in MAMS activities:

• Mother - to Mother group (a group of MAM style trained mothers, who handle free of charge helping and training for mothers of the society especially mothers of lower income families, out of the Institute.
• Games group
• Book reading and story telling group
• Book criticism group
• World - wide mothers group (which contains mothers who can search for problems or experiments related to mothers and motherhood all over the world) .
• Adolescent group
• Youth group
• Fathers and mothers join group
• Environmental group
• Grandparents group
• Cultural activiti for new - born group
• Resorting group
• Encyclopedia group

Monthly Meetings

MAM institute invites experts in the field of parenting matters every first Tuesday of each month. They give a lecture and have discussion with mothers. The limited time for this program is from 9AM to 11:30 AM. All the members and their companies can attend these meetings.
Book and Book - reading in MAM

-Introducing appropriate books for parents
-Introducing appropriate books for children and teenagers.
-There is a research library in two sections.
a) psychological books in the field of child treatment
b) child literature books
-Library for lending books to the families .

MAM publications

* published simple books:
- How to Treat children
- How to Treat youngsters
- Youngsters and lifting
- Breast Cancer Awareness
- Story telling and Story – making for children
- Book and Book – reading for New born and children under two years of Age
- How to Make our child Ready for School
- Growth and Development of a child
- Punishment
- Manager and Management

Under Published Simple Book:

-Relationship Between Two Generations (10 volumes)
-How to Make conversation in the Family
-The Role of Emotion in Child’s Training
-How to Make our Child Ready for kindergarten
-Second Child’s Issues
• “Dialogues of MAM” Bulletin
• “MAM peik” (MAMS new letter).
• Brochures and information papers
• “Foot print” Bulletin (for adolescent and youth)

Administrative Group of MAM Institute

- Board of Directors
- High rank consultants
- Educational group
- Co – operation group
- Communication and publication group
- Occupied employees group
- Volunteer group

MAM Institute addresses the Followings:

• Parents (expecting a new baby or having a child at any age)
• Grand parents
• Instructors, teachers, and whosoever dealing
• Managers and programmers of family affairs

Center of MAM Services

• MAM Institute office
• Schools and kindergartens
• Cultural and environmental centers
• Domicile of Family members

Geographical Zone of MAM Activities

• Headquarter, located in Tehran
• All parts of Tehran and other cities as well as deprived areas

Relations and co – operations of MAM

• MAM institute makes relations with Coordinate governmental and non –governmental organization
Subjects of MAM institute for family Acquintance with:
• Child treatment
• Adolescent treatment
• Self _ awareness
• Applied self cognition
• Concept of encouragement and punishment and how to apply them
• Growth and development
• Pregnancy care
• Marital relationship
• Cultural activities for newborns
• Puberty
• Book reading and Story telling
• Play and amusement
• Verbal communication
• Emotional communication
• Making our child ready for school
• Making our child ready for kindergarten

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